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Party wear Dubai abaya- Black-Mauve color

Dubai abaya online- Double layered abaya | Nida Matt fabric | Black/Mauve colorProduct Details : This abaya ha..

$104.00 $52.00 (50% Off)

Travel abaya in Jersey - Navy Blue

Travel Abaya online in all over the world - 100% Cotton Knits  |  Navy BlueProduct Details :This abaya is craf..

$76.00 $38.00 (50% Off)

Party wear abaya- Navy Blue

Luxury Abaya online in all over the World-  Party wear abaya | 100% Polyester Georgette-knits fabricProduct Details..

$104.00 $52.00 (50% Off)

Collared Casual abaya - Navy Blue-White

Casual abaya online in India- Contrast Yoke Navy Blue-White abaya | Nida Matte fabric Product Details :This fo..

$60.00 $30.00 (50% Off)

Designer Kaftan abaya with Handwork- Rose Golden

kaftan abaya online- Designer Kaftan abaya with handwork | Premium Nida fabricProduct Details :This abaya is a Designer ..

$100.00 $52.00 (48% Off)

Asymmetrical abaya with Yoke design and panels- Black

Yoke style abaya online in all over the World- Asymmetrical Black abaya | Poly crepe fabricProduct Details :This trendy ..

$68.00 $34.00 (50% Off)

Bohemian frilled abaya- Navy Blue

Abaya online in all over the World- Bohemian abaya| Nida Matte fabricProduct Details :This Exclusive Design abaya is mad..

$92.00 $46.00 (50% Off)

Designer front open Satin abaya- Black

Abaya online- Front open party wear abaya | Premium Shining Nida FabricProduct Details : This abaya is designer fro..

$75.00 $30.00 (60% Off)

Front open embroidery abaya with Bell sleeves- Navy Blue

Abaya online- Front open abaya | Nida Matte FabricProduct Details :This abaya is a designer front-open style abaya with ..

$75.00 $30.00 (60% Off)

Embroidered abaya with Butterfly sleeves

Party wear abaya- Embroidered Designer abaya | Nida Matte fabricProduct Details : Exclusive designer Abaya for part..

$66.00 $53.00 (19.7% Off)

Front open Cardigan abaya- Black color

Abaya online- Front open casual abaya | Nida Matt FabricProduct Details :This casual abaya is front-open style abaya wit..

$50.00 $25.00 (50% Off)

Collared Formal abaya- Beige color

Abaya online- Executive abaya | Nida Matt FabricProduct Details :This formal abaya has shirt collar and box pleats at wa..

$66.00 $33.00 (50% Off)

Kaftan Abaya - Brown and Beige

Islamic dress for women online - kaftan abaya in Brown and Beige| Nida fabricProduct details- Made and designed in ..

$100.00 $54.00 (46% Off)

Kaftan Abaya with white lace border

Islamic dress for women online - kaftan abaya in black color | Nida fabricProduct details- This stylish Islamic kaf..

$100.00 $54.00 (46% Off)

Kaftan Abaya - Navy Blue

Islamic dress for women online - Kaftan abaya in Navy Blue and Grey | Nida fabricProduct details- Made and designed..

$100.00 $47.00 (53% Off)

Islamic maxi dress- abaya in dark blue color

Abaya dress online | Islamic maxi dress | dark blue color| Nida Matte fabricProduct details This solid Sea Green ab..

$75.00 $30.00 (60% Off)

Islamic maxi dress - Abaya in Sea green color

Abaya dress online - Islamic maxi dress | Sea Green color | Nida Matte fabricProduct details   This solid Sea ..

$75.00 $30.00 (60% Off)

Designer Abaya in puce pink color

Abaya online in all over the world - Islamic dress for women |Puce Pink color | Nida Matt fabricProduct details Thi..

$75.00 $30.00 (60% Off)

Kaftan Burqa - Black and Maroon

Islamic dress for women online -Kaftan abaya in Black and MaroonProduct details- Made this unique designed and styl..

$118.00 $59.00 (50% Off)

Abaya with pintuck style- dark grey

Abaya online | Abaya with pintuck-dark grey | Nida Matte fabricProduct Details :This pin-tuck abaya dress on the front p..

$70.00 $35.00 (50% Off)

C Cut Abaya- Black

Designer abaya online | C cut dress abaya- black color | Nida matte and georgetteProduct detailsA Trendy Abaya Dress In ..

$74.00 $37.00 (50% Off)

C Cut Abaya- Coffee Brown

Designer abaya online | C cut dress abaya- coffee brown color | Nida matte and georgetteProduct detailsA trendy abaya dr..

$74.00 $37.00 (50% Off)

Designer Front Open Abaya - Navy Blue

Designer Front Open Abaya online in all over the World- Navy Blue ColorProduct details-This Designer front open abaya ha..

$115.00 $54.00 (53.04% Off)

Pin-tuck abaya in Dark Green color

Islamic dress for women online | Dark Green color | Nida Matte fabricThis Pin-tuck Abaya Dress On The Front Panels Gives..

$70.00 $35.00 (50% Off)

Wear your modesty with Lihaaj

Modesty has its own style and we at Lihaaj celebrate women that carry it with pride.

Lihaaj is for every ismalic women who wants to channel her inner fashionista while still conferring to her traditional values. For all those women, "We are listening!". Getting your dream abaya online is now possible with Lihaaj. We will bring you the best abayas in USA that will showcase your personality and beliefs. That's because from sophisticated bridal wear to fashionable everyday wear in abaya fashion, we have it all. Be it an A-line abaya, modanisa abaya, formal abaya, a dori style abaya, flared abaya, pearl beaded abaya or embroidered abaya, you'll see a rendition of all these and much more in our collection.

Moreover, our trendy catalogue of modern abayas sticks to your values while keeping pace with the ever-changing world. So, don't hold yourself back as redefining modest fashion with elegance and comfort will be a click away.

Come, unveil the abaya fashion and let your unique spirit shine in your modest Abayas by Lihaaj.


We know that the frustration of going out shopping and not getting that missing piece to complete your ensemble is real. Then, why spend long hours working on a shopping trip when technology has already given you ecommerce already?

Online shopping not only saves time but also gives you a wide range to choose from. From the comfort of your home, now you can enter the world of modest wear and enjoy hassle free shopping experiences. What can be better than that?

We have the topmost abayas for sale in the USA and after making a successful purchase even you will agree to that.


Lihaaj is an online abaya store in USA. We have:


Lihaaj takes pride in the wide ranging variety that it offers. We too have a huge collection of abayas for sale.

All our apparel including our abaya dresses are sourced from the top fashion brands and are made available in a variety of fabrics, colours and prints, so that you have a large pool to choose from.


All the products at Lihaaj including the very famous modest abaya /burqa/jilbabs/niqab are size-inclusive. Whatever fit you are, you are always welcomed and celebrated at Lihaaj.


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We have a team of efficient customer care executives that will be happy to support you whenever needed.  Just ping us for any query and we will be at your service.